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Mikes 02 Chevy Tracker

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  • Mikes 02 Chevy Tracker

    This is something I've been wanting to do for over 10yrs now.. finally got a chance to buy a decent non-running Tracker for cheap... actually 2 of them.
    the body is off the wrecked one now and I'm getting the frame ready to try and fit a 5.3/60e into it.
    They both have the 2.5v6 originally since they are both Zr2's
    Most likely going to have to make it 2wd but that's OK with me.

    Wish me luck.. and any info, advise or help would be greatly appreciated.
    Bought a 2 for 1 special. 
The front one is in decent shape but doesn't run. The back one was flipped on its side but still runs.

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    Nice! This should be fun.
    15 STI, 17 Cummins, 18 ZL1 in the Mail.