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  • My current builds

    Hey guys been a while since we all got together. Lifes got us all busy. But I wanted to take a second to say hey and include everyone in on my builds I've got going on right now. I'll include pics at the end of this post.

    First is my 87 supra. Originally an na 5 speed car. Now it has been converted to 89+ exterior specs and 91+ everything else from a turbo supra. I'm still on a somewhat stock 7mgte. Goal is 500+ on a 7m. If it isnt body or interior related I've pulled it rebuilt it and beefed it up. Seriously the list is like 10 miles long.

    second is my new to me rx8. No engine or trans it's an auto car that will possibly stay auto as t56 are retarded expensive. If that wasnt a big enough hint I'll be swapping in a 5.3 checy truck motor. The goal is to be relatively stock upgrade where needed and throw twin turbskis at it see what I can get it to do. I want it to look stock minus the sound of course.

    All of my vehicles to date have been purpose built these will be no different. As I enjoy running them down the street in a straight line or through the twisties. Lots of blood sweat and cussing has gone into the supra so far. Hopefully the rx8 goes better. Lols. And I qont even mention the amount of money i have in the supra. Its retarded for a 30 year old car.

    anyway ive rambled enough onto the pics.
    How it all started How it sits now Suspension overhaul New lsd rear end and cleaned up calipers

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      Welcome back! Sometime when your not working you will have to come out and hang with us for a bit.
      15 STI, 17 Cummins, 18 ZL1 in the Mail.


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        I know I need to. Being stuck at work and cooped up at the house is driving me nuts.


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          Rx8 roller looks clean, you definitely need to get out more too


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            I need to finish the supra then I can start on the rx8. Ls stuff is so easy to find and buy lols. 2 projects at once isnt a good idea. My next days off I'm going to try to put some time into the supra. Its almost done just need to bolt stuff on and see what else I need.


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              You ever get the chance to bolt that “stuff” on?


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                Havent made it that far yet. Cut some trees up here at the house and doing house stuff and water lines for cam.


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                  ........ what is this getting out stuff you guys speak of? lol. the RX8 .. dead sexy.. needs an LS.... something about those old 'yoda's .... ugly... but still somehow appealing...